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Info about Museums in Orr, Minnesota, MN

There are 13 Museums in or near Orr, Minnesota MN.

Bois Forte Heritage Ctr

Bois Forte Heritage Ctr is located approximately 33 miles from Orr. If you want to pay them a visit, go to 1500 Bois Forte Rd. Call them at (218) 753-6017.
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Greyhound Bus Museum

Greyhound Bus Museum is located approximately 52 miles from Orr. Looking for a good Museum? Check out Greyhound Bus Museum at 1201 Greyhound Blvd. If you need more information, call them: (218) 263-5814.
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Hibbing City Memorial Bldg

Hibbing City Memorial Bldg is located approximately 51 miles from Orr. They're a decent Museum in Orr. Contact them at (218) 362-5951.
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Hibbing Historical Society

Hibbing Historical Society is located approximately 51 miles from Orr. Regarded as one of the best Museums in Orr area, Hibbing Historical Society is located at 400 E 23rd St. Call them at (218) 263-8522.
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Koochiching Cnty Hist Museum

Koochiching Cnty Hist Museum is located approximately 40 miles from Orr. Why don't you give them a try?. Contact them at (218) 283-4316.
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M M Lindstrom

M M Lindstrom is located approximately 51 miles from Orr. M M Lindstrom is very popular place in this area. Their current phone number is (218) 263-3488.
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MINNESOTA DISCOVERY CTR is located approximately 46 miles from Orr. MINNESOTA DISCOVERY CTR is a really good Museum. Contact them at (218) 254-7959.

Minnesota Discovery Ctr

Minnesota Discovery Ctr is located approximately 44 miles from Orr. Minnesota Discovery Ctr is located at 801 SW Hwy 169 Ste 1. Phone number: (218) 254-7959.
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Minnesota Museum Of Mining

Minnesota Museum Of Mining is located approximately 46 miles from Orr. Join the group of happy customers of Minnesota Museum Of Mining!. Call them at (218) 254-5543.
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Soudan Underground Mine Park

Soudan Underground Mine Park is located approximately 36 miles from Orr. Customers have good opinions about Soudan Underground Mine Park. Call them at (218) 753-2245.
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United States Hockey Hall-Fame

United States Hockey Hall-Fame is located approximately 50 miles from Orr. If you need a good Museum near Orr, contact United States Hockey Hall-Fame. Call them at (218) 744-5167.
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VIRGINIA AREA HSTRCL SOCIETY is located approximately 46 miles from Orr. They are a nice Museum. Contact them at (218) 741-1136.

Virginia Area Hstrcl Society

Virginia Area Hstrcl Society is located approximately 46 miles from Orr. We recommend their services. Need to give Virginia Area Hstrcl Society a call? (218) 741-1136.
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